Michael J. Critelli

Michael J. Critelli

Michael J. Critelli

Michael J. Critelli is the CEO and an investor in MoveFlux Corporation. He is the former Chairman and CEO (1996-2007) of Pitney Bowes. During his term as CEO of Pitney Bowes, a period in which the Company and the mailing industry underwent transformational change. Under him, Pitney Bowes was named one of America’s most ethical companies. The Company transitioned its entire installed equipment base from electromechanical and electronic technology to digital, networked systems between 1996 and 2007. It was ranked as one of America’s most innovative companies and in the top 200 of patents issued during Critelli’s tenure.  He was awarded 15 U.S. patents that arose while at Pitney Bowes.

In 2001, Critelli and Jim Euchner, his leader of Advanced Concepts and Technologies, launched a customer-centered process incorporated into major product development initiatives. Clayton Christensen of the Harvard Business School recognized this as a leading-edge innovation process. Pitney Bowes exited its office systems and external finance businesses and completed over 80 acquisitions to build strength in software, services and international operations. Through a combination of acquisitions and organic investments, the Company diversified into adjacent “mail stream” market spaces.

Between 2001 and 2005, Critelli co-led the Mailing Industry Task Force, along with Deputy Postmaster General John Nolan, to enable the U.S. Postal Service to work with the private sector on a variety of initiatives, and was heavily used as an industry spokesperson during the 2001 anthrax bioterrorism incidents. He also chaired the Mailing Industry CEO Council, which was an advocate for comprehensive postal reform, an effort resulting in the passage of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006.

Critelli’s leadership style used levers such as compensation structure, skip-level meetings, town hall meetings, talent management and accessibility. During Critelli’s tenure at Pitney Bowes, it was recognized as a leader in diversity and inclusion, leadership development, health promotion and ethical leadership for many decades, starting with the Company’s most significant leader, Walter H. Wheeler, Jr., continuing under the leadership of Fred T. Allen and George B. Harvey. Critelli chaired the Company’s 1993-1994 United Way Campaign, which won the Spirit of America Award.

Critelli was a Board member (1997-2010) and Chair of the National Urban League (2002-2007) and a member of the Board of Catalyst, an organization dedicated to expanding opportunities for women at work from 1996 to 2009.

He has been a member of the Eaton Corporation Board since 1998. He is currently a member of three non-profit Boards, the Regional Plan Association, PowerMyLearning, an organization focused on using technology to drive personalized learning, family engagement and teacher development in K-12 education, and the Community Health Centers e-Health Consult Network.

During his tenure, the Company created an Education and Literacy Foundation to focus Pitney Bowes philanthropy on education, literacy and learning programs.

He produced and brought to theatrical and worldwide digital release a full-length feature film, From the Rough.

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin and Harvard Law School.

He has a web site at www.mikecritelli.comand a LinkedIn profile