An incredibly electric conference that achieved its goal of advancing life’s ultimate challenge -- "creating value”. The best conference I have attended in 30 years

You already made history by hosting the first conference specifically dedicated to the most essential yet elusive concept of business with living marketing legends, who have significantly contributed over time to the advancement of theory and practice, thanks to their seminal research work on the (co)creation of value from different vantage points.

The range and versatility of the presentations was truly innovative and bold – and the degree of interdisciplinarity.

I really appreciated the mix of presentations by academic scholars and business practitioners from different cultures as well as the opportunity to further discuss with them throughout the conference.

In a nutshell: absolutely fabulous,a stimulating two days of new ideas. Could sense the overall atmosphere of a global movement towards an emphasis on value creation.



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Organised in collaboration with…

The Second Global Conference on Creating Value is organized in collaboration with the Customer Value Foundation and the Journal of Creating Value.


Where The World Value Creators Meet

A major conference for business leaders and academics to assess and co-create how to build ‘value’ in a turbulent 21st century global economy.

In the Second Global Conference on Creating Value, business leaders/practitioners and leading academics from around the world will come together to exchange views, and to share and learn from each other regarding the problems, the potential and the real life uses of value creation, and how it can transform management, organizations and institutions.

Value creation underpins all business transactions and engagement (Mahajan, 2016 book Creating Value). We all seek value for our businesses, as well as for ourselves and for our society. However, because we are so immersed in our day-to-day functional management, we often overlook opportunities for value creation, possibly to the detriment of our businesses and societal needs (Eisenhardt & Martin, 2000). Successful businesses and leaders create value for their eco-systems which include themselves, their companies, customers, employees, partners and stakeholders, mostly unconsciously, yet there are challenges in gauging and assessing ‘value(s)’  and their impact. This conference is a wake-up call to improve our understanding of the concept of value (and values) and, moreover, to find ways of creating value consciously and more abundantly which will in turn allow us to compete more effectively, to build social value and to thrive and be ready for the challenges of a changing and disruptive world. Carl Jung stated: “unless you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”

The Second conference will provide a platform for business leaders and academics to work together to establish the action research and development project they wish to see emerge and what would help them in value creation. The conference will provide relaxed, meaningful and purposeful opportunities to talk about latest thinking on value creation and service for improving the worth of companies, their longevity, their ability to be ahead of and tackle disruptive forces, and to embed a value creation leadership style going far beyond traditional and functional management so as to engender a value creation mind-set and avoiding value destruction in the future. We welcome innovation and fresh and thought-provoking approaches.


Business Leaders and Practitioners from all business sectors, size/type of organization, geographical region/national contexts.

Academics from all disciplinary areas, for example: marketing, economics, operations, accounting and finance, organizational behaviour, sociology, psychology, theology and religion, history, geography and human resource management.

Policy makers from government, non-governmental, not-for-profit and social enterprise offices, agencies and institutions.



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  • Creating value for yourself, business and society;
  • Creating value through social innovation and social entrepreneurship;
  • Creating value through transformative services;
  • Creating value in the age of disruptions;
  • Value creation in the sharing economy;
  • Value creation for employees in the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • Value creation and leadership;
  • Value creation and organization;
  • Measuring value creation and developing value creation related analytics;
  • Creating value through the use of big data;
  • Values as a belief, attitude and perspective;
  • Values and the relationship with (organizational) culture(s);
  • Value destruction and dark side of value creation;
  • Challenges and opportunities of creating value at the Bottom of the Pyramid;
  • Sustainable and responsible management and value creation;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and value creation;


Conference Co-Chairs

Gautam Mahajan

President Customer Value Foundation and Founder Editor of the Journal of Creating Value

Dr. Sertan Kabadayi

Professor of Marketing, Gabelli Business School and Area Head Marketing, Fordham University

Academic Program Co-Directors

Dr. Yuliya Komarova

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Fordham University

Dr. Mohammad Nejad

Associate Professor of Marketing, Fordham University

Who's Speaking?

Phillip Kotler

Phillip Kotler

Professor, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Eric Almquist

Eric Almquist

Partner: Bain & Company’s Boston Office & Author: Elements of Value

Annurag Batra

Annurag Batra

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief -Businessworld, India

Russ Klein

Russ Klein

CEO, American Marketing Association

Raj Sisodia

Raj Sisodia

Professor, Babson College, Wellesley, MA

Lerzan Aksoy

Lerzan Aksoy

Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies- Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business

Dana Brown

Dana Brown

Pro Vice Chancellor (Enterprise)/Dean, Faculty of Business & Law / De Montfort University

Timothy Keiningham

Timothy Keiningham

J. Donald Kennedy Endowed Chair in E-Commerce and Associate Professor, St. John's University

Michael Pirson

Michael Pirson

Associate Professor, Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business

Hermann Simon

Hermann Simon

Honorary Chairman, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Alan Williams

Alan Williams


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