In conjunction with the Gabelli School of Business (Fordham University), Creating Value Alliance, Customer Value Foundation and the Journal of Creating Value

“Value Creation for the Future of Business and Society”

The Second Global Conference on Creating Value invites business leaders and leading academics from around the world to exchange views and to share and learn from each other regarding how value can be created for the future of business and society. The plenary sessions, invited speakers and paper presentations will provide an opportunity for a meaningful discussion and conversation between academics and practitioners about the meaning of value and value creation opportunities not only for business and companies, but also for individuals and society at large. Different approaches to the value creation in the age of disruption, innovation, technology and artificial intelligence will be discussed to create a forward looking mind-set to create and share value to an inclusive set of stakeholders. There will be an explicit focus on social value creation through social innovation and social entrepreneurship that aim to improve the well-being of the individuals and overall society.


The Second Global Conference on Creating Value welcomes paper submissions and special session proposals on the topics that include but not limited to:

  • Creating value for yourself, business and society;
  • Creating value through social innovation and social entrepreneurship;
  • Creating value through transformative services;
  • Creating value in the age of disruptions;
  • Value creation in the sharing economy;
  • Value creation for employees in the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • Value creation and leadership;
  • Value creation and organization;
  • Measuring value creation and developing value creation related analytics;
  • Creating value through the use of big data;
  • Values as a belief, attitude and perspective;
  • Values and the relationship with (organizational) culture(s);
  • Value destruction and dark side of value creation;
  • Challenges and opportunities of creating value at the Bottom of the Pyramid;
  • Sustainable and responsible management and value creation;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and value creation;

*Please note that this list is not exhaustive. We are open to any submission exploring new and emerging ideas and trends related to value creation.