The Creating Value Alliance is a movement for business leaders and academics to build value for themselves and their institutions; to share value creating experiences and to inculcate a value creating mindset, so that they can make Value waiting to happen a reality, and create value for themselves.

Join the Value Creation Alliance and help us grow and build a better Value Creating world.

You can be a free individual member, or a corporate member, or an institutional member (a university, a society, a not for profit organisation)


The Creating Value Alliance is a group of professionals, business leaders, businesses, academics and universities who have assembled, and continue to grow in number, in order to promote and build the concept of Creating Value, so that more people become Value Creators, and build better families, businesses, society, workplace, and education systems. Value creation complements, and in some regards replaces, functional thinking by evoking and introducing a wider and more meaningful Value mindset. Simply stated, value creation is the worth, merit and usefulness that can be produced beyond and including factors such as, for example, price, cost, margin, profit or return.

The Creating Value Alliance aims to raise the profile of the concept and practice of value creation in businesses of all sizes and sector, public institutions, NGOs, policy-making units, think-tanks and society overall. By introducing value creation the purpose is to render organizations and processes more sentient, purposeful, meaningful and prosperous. By supporting you, as an individual, to understand and create value the aim is to renegotiate success criteria and make this achievable alongside and in tandem with more traditional performance measures.

Value Creation (encompassing Customer Value Creation) is a powerful mindset and thought process leading to increased profitability – but a profitability with awareness and understanding of the underpinning long-term factors.

A further working definition of value creation is: value creation[1]is executing pro-active, conscious, inspired, imaginative and even normal actions that increase the overall good and well-being, and the worth of ideas, goods, services, people or institutionsincluding society, and all stakeholders (like employees, customers, partners, shareholders and society), and ideas and Value waiting to happen.

Value creation is going beyond what is expected of you, and helps you to create value consciously and go beyond being just a functional person/company to a value creating one

Please join the Value Creation Alliance and help us grow and build a better Value Creating world. Become a leader or a volunteer in this movement for fulfilment and to create value for yourself and others.

You can be a free individual member, or a corporate member, or an institutional member (a university, a society, a not for profit organisation).


The Creating Value Alliance works to accomplish its aim by:

  • Introducing, collating and disseminating the ideas and practices of value creation in a wide ranging of settings in order to build the network of associates and collaborations around value creation;
  • Organizing the Annual Global Conference on Creating Value – a forum which assembles world thought leaders on value creation from both the business and practitioner, academic and policy arenas;
  • Supporting the Journal of Creating Value (Sage Publications) which creates a space for academics, practitioners and policy makers to develop and share original ideas on the area
  • By being membership driven;
  • Creating ongoing engagement with, and implementation of, value creation in all areas of society and world issues. Such forums could be on profitability, organisational development, hospitality, poverty and society, IT and Value creation, etc.;
  • Supporting objectives is for you to lead a forum, be part of one or be a volunteer


Members receive a range of benefits. These benefits are constantly expanding:

  • Access to, and association with, the Creating Value Alliance community and its potent network building and exchanges;
  • Join forums of interest to you such as the Value creation forum on entrepreneurship, on hospitality, on IT, On HRD, on Pricing etc.
  • Paid members get preferential rates for attendance at the Global Conference on Creating Value;
  • Being part of one of the most powerful business ideas and movements to evolve in recent times
  • Volunteer and grow the concept of Value Creation
  • Find ways of creating value and being recognised as one

Discern Value waiting to happen around you and outside your business or individual framework